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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  December 2, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> bad weather makes the search for a missing plane carrying several family members very difficult. that plane registered to a man from san jose. >> disturbing new photos from the crash that killed actor, paul walker, the moment of impact caught on surveillance video. we are 2 1/2 weeks away from the start of winter, but we will feel it soon. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. >> it's from a distance, but you can see smoke start to rise. then an explosion causes the smoke to get darker and darker. the plume quickly grows and vehicles rushing to the scene. jeff explains why this may prove the car walker was in was not racing when it crashed. >> new video obtained by omg
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insider shows the car crash that killed fast and furious star, paul walker. you can see an explosion and then smoke and flames shooting about 20 feet into the air after impact. today, walker's half sister visited the crash site. >> he had a huge heart. it was never about him. it was always about those around him and his family is absolutely brokenhearted right now. >> the security video was shot from a building across the street from the crash. it appears to show a solo car crash that may dispel the theory that they were involved in a street race. >> i heard two loud noises. it sounded like a tire blew before the car hit the pole. >> walker had been in a car belonging to long-time friend and business partner. at this point, friends who saw walker drive off 20 minutes before the crash say they are not positive as to who drive the car at the time of the impact. yesterday, walker's father could barely contain his
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emotions. >> i'm glad every time i saw him. >> the two men had been working on a fundraiser in the philippines at the business. it is the selflessness that paul walker's family wants him to be remembered. >> we ask that people give the family privacy right now to mourn and in his honor and his name, go out and do something nice for somebody. >> walker was 40 years old and survived by his 15-year-old daughter. he has a movie due out next friday and as of right now, he will still appear in the 7th installment of the fast and furious franchise. he was in the middle of filming when he died. >> that commuter train that derailed was traveling nearly three times the speed limit when it flew off the tracks. the ntsb said today the preliminary data shows the
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train traveled through an 30- mile per hour curve, but traveling at 82 miles per hour. the brakes were fully applied five seconds before the train came to a complete stop, likely after the train had already derailed. >> it was only six seconds before everything came to a stop that the throttle went to idle. >> this was late in the game? >> very late in the game. >> an engineer said he hit the brakes approaching the curve, but the train did not respond. this morning, huge cranes began removing the 40-ton derailed cars. those tracks now have to be repaired. four people died in that crash. 67 more were injured. several are still in critical condition tonight. 16 total in the hospital. that train just ten miles away from its destination at manhattan's grand central terminal. switching gears, get out the woollies and extra blankets. very cold air is on the way.
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meteorologist, paul diana with the freeze warnings. >> get perspective and talk about how this compares to last winter. we aren't in winter yet. the coldest weather you had in san jose all of last winter was 49 degrees for an afternoon high. this week you're going to drop down to as low as 50. in oakland, 50 was the coldest you were last winter. this week, 50 degrees. out toward liver more, 46 last winter, this year, you won't get above 48 degrees. the cold is coming from the arctic. it is wrapping around a big area of low pressure which is driving a cold front into northern california. it will get here tomorrow and you will feel the difference tomorrow night, not tonight. tomorrow night, the north bay and north of vallejo, you are going to be under a widespread freeze with morning temperatures in the mid 20s to low 30s. that will spread to a freeze warning this time tomorrow night and wednesday night into thursday morning, just about the entire bay area will be under a freeze watch or a
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freeze warning. so the cold is coming. we'll talk about how long the cold will stick around and rain chances. that's coming up. >> thank you. right now, san francisco police are looking for a juvenile who escaped a detention center. police say it happened about two hours ago on woodside avenue. no word on how that teen escaped. >> an emergency meeting tonight in one bay area school district to combat bullying. here is cell phone video of a recent fight. hairs pulled, punches thrown as a group gangs up on a student. now school officials say enough is enough. andrea with their plan to end the bullying. >> tonight's west contra costa school board sparked by this. the disturbing reality of what on campus harassment looks like. this is cell phone video transgender student, jewels involved in a fight with three other girls at her school last month.
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>> enough is enough. you could stretch a rubber band so far and it will snap. >> jewels and the other girls involved were each suspended for two days for fight. tonight in front of the board, jewels detailed the harassment that drove her to her breaking point. >> she puts gum in her hands and mouth and throws it in my face. >> came to a point where i wanted to physically hurt myself and that's bad. >> being bullied in general -- >> other students and teachers came forward, saying the culture in west contra costa schools has to change. >> create school environments that are welcoming and inclusive for all. if we catch these young people, then everybody else falls in line. >> it's a point board member charles ramsey can see after the gang rape of a girl in richmond. >> we are making sure we are spending the money to make our
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school safe. that has to be the priority, above learning. if you don't feel safe, you aren't going to want to learn. >> overall harassment policies from start to bottom, starting with their retreat on january 5 and voting on those changes on january 29, homing to implement those changes to staff soon after. in richmond, andrea, kpix5. >> another teenager set on fire because he was wearing a skirt returned to class today. sasha walked into berkeley's high school exactly three weeks after the incident. she he suffered burns on his legs and is recovering. the 16-year-old boy who said he did it because he is home phobic is facing hate crime charges. >> as we mark the 25th anniversary of world aids day. the city of san francisco is providing new hope. how the city believes it can one-day and perhaps soon, stop the spread of the disease.
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>> at the center tonight, there is talk of the unimaginable. talk about zero. >> zero new infections. zero new deaths for persons living with hiv and zero stigma is a bold aspiration. >> three decades after the city began to be ravaged by disease and death, could it be possible? zero new cases of hiv in the city? at the peek of the epidemic in 1992, there were 2300 new infections per year among gay men in san francisco. now, a dramatic drop with about 400 new infections per year. still a lot, but that's less than 1% infection rate among men having sex with men. >> we can reduce 400 down to zero. that is really what we are trying to do. >> how would san francisco achieve zero? first of all, everybody would need to be tested. everybody. next, you have to get everyone who has hiv consistently taking their meds. doctors have recently found out that the medicines don't just treat the disease, they can
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keep aids from spreading to new people. as for those who do not have hiv, they can now take a new preventative medication. >> it's a single pill a day and if you take it regularly, it drives down your risk of infection dramatically. >> that's a lot to ask. you have people suspicious of getting healthcare. i mean, you know, it's a lovely concept. i'm not sure is a realistic one. >> the key here appears to be testing, which a lot of young people are reluctant to do. officials hope since obama care kicks in, more young people will see their doctors and that could get everybody closer to zero. reporting live in the newsroom, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> as the number of new cases goes down, the number of survivors goes up. according to the aids foundation, there are about 15,000 people living with aids in san francisco. getting close to catching their man, the new pictures of the suspect police say threw a
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woman's two cats into the bay. >> trash and a treasure. bay area artists turn illegally dumped junk from eyesores into something worth looking at. and the woman who wants oakland mayor, jean quan's job and why she says she's the perfect candidate. ,,,,,,,, a subaru...
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carrying a san j search is set to resume tomorrow morning for a small plane believed to be carrying a san jose family. what took off yesterday in eastern oregon and was headed to montana. never made it. and authorities think it went down in central idaho. betty spoke to those who knew the family and the man likely at the plane's controls. betty. >> ken is believed to be the pilot. he lives in this home behind me in san jose and neighbors here are growing more concerned by the hour, especially because that search was called off early today due to heavy snow and poor visibility in idaho. dale smith is known to friends and neighbors near his home in san jose as an experienced pilot, a mormon, and a loved father of five.
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>> usually a very sweet and gentle group of people. and very giving. so, i'm just hoping, as i said, the prayers will find them all in one piece. >> some 700 miles away in the idaho back country, search and rescue crews are hoping for better weather conditions to help them find the single engine beach bananza carrying five family members. the plane was flying from oregon to montana when the pilot reported engine trouble and then lost contact with air traffic controllers yesterday afternoon. >> he flies frequently, so i'm surprised he has gone down or missing or whatever has happened. when he goes on these trips, he stays in touch with everybody and all the airports, you know, so yeah, i would say it's something to be worried about. >> officials haven't confirmed who is on board, but smith took this for pleasure with two of his children. >> we hope they are located. we hope they are fine.
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we will hold on to hope until we hear something. >> i hope that everything is okay. i really, really do. >> again, we want to stress that authorities have not identified the pilot or the others on board. neighbors tell us that dale smith's wife did not go on this trip. she actually left their home yesterday for idaho to aide in this search and rescue mission, which will resume tomorrow. live in san jose, betty, kpix5. >> investigators hope you've seen the man in the surveillance video we're about to show you. take a look at this. he is the prime suspect in a disturbing case out of san francisco. last week, a man took a woman's belongings, including two of her cats and threw them into the chilly san francisco bay. now police believe the man in this video seen leaving a hotel is the suspect. officers almost captured him today. >> we are making progress. we've been getting calls from
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the public. we were able to -- my officers have been canvassing the area and obtain video surveillance. they have been looking at hours and hours of surveillance. >> the suspect was spotted today, but he got away before officers arrived. >> the new challenger steps up to face embattled oakland mayor in the race for oakland's top job next year. libby who holds the mayor's old seat signed up to run against quan. a recent survey by the chamber of commerce shows quan may face a tough race. 5% of voters say they would vote for -- only 5% say they would vote for quan again. in the same poll, 7 in 10 say crime is their biggest concern. i think oakland can do better. oaklanders deserve to have the police come when they call. that the city can be safe. >> the shaft didn't specify how she plans on combating crime, but she'll release the
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campaign platform in the new year. quan declined to comment saying she is focusing on her duties as mayor. they say one man's trash is another man's treasure. case in point, an art exhibit that is about to open in oakland. kristen ayers shows us how artists are making sure nothing they find goes to waste. >> it is so busy, to be part of the installation. >> in a parking lot in downtown oakland, a discarded mattress. it looks like trash, but see the work of art. >> most people are -- >> one that will be the center piece of an exhibition this friday. converting oakland's waste into dialogue. >> it's staff. >> this piece, a mix of trashed posters and construction work. there is sighting from the house that burned down in east oakland. one of four artists tasked with mining the city of oakland for abandoned trash and turning it
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into treasure. this is one of west oakland's notorious dumping grounds. the city is trying to stop it by upping the fine for illegal dumping to $1,000 a day. but not much has changed and these artists say they want to start a dialogue about the problem. >> i found this huge leather couch. >> here's what it looked like before. artist, jeff turned the couch into a wood sculpture for the exhibit. he once used the insides of a discarded television for this piece and he has plans for the couch springs. neither artist knows what impact their pieces will have on oakland's illegal problem. >> to shed new light on trash. >> they have quite literally turned one man's trash into another man's treasure. >> see the beauty of what they throw. it's not all ugly. >> in oakland, kristen ayers, kpix5. incredible how creative they are. how to use these things that we use in our every day lives and make them into art. >> pretty cool. >> really neat.
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>> speaking of cool -- >> the temperatures. >> it's going to drop. it's going to get us. this is going to be a significant drop for us. a couple days ago, we were 73 degrees outside in parts of the bay area. now we're talking about 20s. some of you toward lake county in the teens coming up thursday morning. monday night, this will be the warmest night of the week. beautiful night, the center lit up as is the bay bridge. temperatures tonight in the 40s and 50s. look at where you have been in livermore. today's high 68. let's move forward tomorrow. 14 degrees cooler. it gets colder, 50 wednesday, 48 chilly degrees. now we will talk about that freeze. first stop will be the north bay. a widespread freeze as soon as tomorrow night. lows in the mid 20s and it gets colder on thursday morning where all of the bay area with the exception of the city of san francisco will be under a freeze watch. cold stuff is coming. coldest stuff much of last winter. morning shower is possible tomorrow early if you get out
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before 7:00 or 8:00. 53 for a high, that's it. that's our microclimate forecast. clear and cold on wednesday, 49 degrees. bundled up at st. mary's. the boundary is now just about down to mount shasta. it will make it down to mexico. once it gets here, once we hop on the northern side of the front, it will be blustery, it will be cooler with highs in the mid 50s. it won't feel like that, then the wind pushes down even more. then the atmosphere calms down and thursday will likely be the coldest day we had in one year, since just after crust mas last year. slight chance of -- the coldest day, that is going to be thursday. we're getting chilly starting tomorrow. 55 for san francisco. san jose 54. sunny vail, heyward, mid 50s. mid to low 50s danville. mid 50s for san francisco, blustery in san rafael. high of 54.
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and clear lake, 50 degrees. that will be your warmest day in a week. 50, upper 40s on thursday. that's cold for us. friday and saturday with those rain showers. the snow level might be down to 2,000 feet on those two days and more rain showers coming up next week. at first we are getting the cold. long range computer models are going to suggest following the cold may be wet. we need the wet more than the cold. >> we need winter to arrive. >> thanks, paul. >> sounds good. >> those cybermonday deals could cost you more than you expect. what you may not realize you had to do before you checked out. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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before cyber monday deals a over... but sales are well
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their a couple hours more before cybermonday deals are over. but sales are well on their way to breaking records this year. early numbers show that online shopping is up by more than 20% today compared with last year. online sales are estimated to top $2 billion according to ibm benchmark. nearly a third of all online shopping was done by smart phones or tablets. >> did you score any big deals today online? hope you didn't forget to add the tax. a new state law that took effect last year requires you to pay sales tax for online purchases, even if the retailer doesn't add it on up front. >> regardless of whether they charge, you actually have to pay the tax if it's not a sales tax at the time of purchase, you are supposed to keep your receipts and pay a tax at the end of the year. not a lot of people do that. >> stores say they are losing business because shoppers
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aren't forced to pay taxes online. >> i'm dennis o'donnell, the 49ers look to gain ground in the nfc west and the a's add some to the roster. who is going and whose coming, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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baseball jem soon to be followe shakeup day in the a's organization where second baseman is gone. soon to be followed by colone and the closer. just a couple hours ago, the a's acquired jim johnson from the baltimore orioles. johnson had 101 saves in the last two seasons with baltimore. this move means the grand ball four is not coming back. the a's reportedly signed starting pitcher, scott, to a
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two-year deal worth $22 million. he was with the indians last season that means that the closer is gone as is the closer. i'll get it together. fred couples, 12 men. defense dominates the same offense, drew brees fumbles in midair. the seahawks win. they are 11-1. three games up on the 49ers in the division. it wasn't all roses for football fans in seattle. the university of washington head coach has accepted the usc vacancy. he was a coordinator with the trojan before he moved to seattle. usc's interim head coach, ed, was hoping to get the job. instead, see you later, and he quit. he will not be there for the bowl game. he went to usc, your thought? >> i love coach o. he was great for the team. but i hear that sarcasian is
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great. >> i may be tweeting about this. >> excellent. >> and that is tax-free. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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